Three identification methods of bearing faults


      Bearings as precision parts on machinery and equipment, how to want the factory to improve productivity, first mechanical equipment performance must be the best, but with the use of mechanical equipment performance of the largest one - bearing. Therefore, the factory in the production and processing, the machinery and equipment must be a good inspection of the bearings. For safety reasons, the Chinese bearing network to share the three major bearing failure identification method, we hope to help.  

      1, through the sound to identify
It is necessary to have a lot of experience by recognizing the sound. Must be fully trained to be able to identify bearing sound and non bearing sound. To this end, should be done by hand to carry out this work. Use a listener or a listening stick on the housing to clearly hear the bearing's sound.
2, through the working temperature to identify
This method is a method of comparison and recognition, and is limited to situations where the operating state does not change. For this reason, continuous recording of temperature must be performed. In the event of a failure, the temperature will not only increase, but also irregular changes. This method is in good agreement with the sound recognition method.
3, through the state of the lubricant to identify
Sampling analysis of the lubricant, through its degree of pollution, whether mixed with foreign matter or metal powder to determine. This method is particularly effective for bearings or large bearings that can not be near the observation.