The Usage of Bearing Products in Automobiles


As we all know that bearings are widely used in automobiles as application. Their use is from the engine, the chassis to the electrical assembly. Automobile bearings are generally divided into two types, they are sliding bearings and rolling bearings.

Sliding bearings are mainly used in engines. They can be divided into two kinds. One is a thin walled bearing usually called a bearing bush, and the other is a bushing called copper bush. The former is mainly used to support the engine crankshaft and connecting rod. The latter is used mainly to support camshaft, journal and piston pin. In addition, they can also be applied to other parts of the automobile, such as the gear bushing and the motor wheel hub, the steering knuckle shaft sleeve of the chassis, etc.

Rolling bearings are widely used in all mechanical and electrical assembly of automobiles. Main transmission, differential mechanism, water separator, fan, water pump, clutch, front and rear wheel and drive shaft, etc.

There are two types of rolling bearings -- ball bearings and roller bearings. According to load and direction, it can also be classified as thrust and radial bearings. The former can be used to bear radial (perpendicular to the axis) load, while the latter can be used for axial (parallel to the axis) load. Radial thrust bearings bear both radial and axial loads. Because of their different functions, they can be applied to all parts of the car.

The drive shaft is usually supported at both ends. Normally, there is a fixed lateral bearing to bear radial and axial loads on one side. It can fix the axial displacement between the gear box and the fixed shaft. The other side of the bearing is called the free side bearing and can only bear radial load. The relative axial motion can be realized to solve the problems caused by the errors in the transmission and installation of the gear box.