The Method and Procedure of Bearing Selection


To choose generator bearing correctly, the enterprise can get a good working performance and the service life; the company can shorten the maintenance time, reduce costs, improve the operation rate of the machine.

In general, the step of selecting a bearing may be summarized as follows:

1. Select the basic type of bearing, tolerance grade and clearance according to bearing working conditions (including load direction and load type, speed, lubrication, coaxial requirements, positioning or non-positioning, installation and maintenance environment, ambient temperature, etc.)

2. According to the bearing working conditions and stress conditions and life requirements, determine the bearing model through the calculation, or according to the use of requirements;

3. Check the rated load and ultimate speed of the selected bearing.

The main consideration of the choice of bearing is the ultimate speed, the required good life and load capacity, other factors will help determine the bearing type: structure, size, tolerance level and the final solution for the work.

Various types of rolling bearings have different characteristics, suitable for a variety of different use of machinery. When selecting a bearing type, the following factors should be considered. Under normal circumstances: to withstand the thrust load when the use of thrust bearings, angular contact bearings, high-speed applications are usually used ball bearings, bear the heavy radial load, the choice of roller bearings.

In mechanical design, the size of the shaft is generally determined first, and then the rolling bearing is selected according to the size of the shaft. Usually small shaft select ball bearings, large shaft select roller bearings. However, when the bearing in the direction of the diameter of the machine is limited, the use of needle roller bearings, light and ultra-light series of ball or roller bearings; when the bearing in the axial position of the machine is limited, the choice of narrow or special Narrow series of ball or roller bearings.