Stainless steel bearing damage failure reason


Compared with ordinary bearings, stainless steel bearings are widely used because of their material and process advantages. Stainless steel bearings are stable, corrosion resistant, low noise, high mechanical strength and large load capacity. However, stainless steel bearings may fail for some reasons. The main causes of fracture failure are the following two factors.

1.Defect fracture

When the applied load exceeds the material strength limit, the part is broken, which is called overload fracture. The cause of the overload is mainly caused by a sudden failure of the host or improper installation. Defects such as microcracks, shrinkage cavities, air bubbles, large foreign matter, overheated tissue and localized burns of the bearing parts may also cause breakage at the defect during impact overload or severe vibration.

2. Overload failure

It should be pointed out that in the process of manufacturing, in the process of re-inspection of raw materials, quality control of forging and heat treatment, and process control, it is possible to correctly analyze whether the above defects exist through the instrument, and it is necessary to strengthen control in the future. However, in general, the failure of stainless steel bearings that usually occur is mostly caused by overload failure.