Some misunderstandings in judging the quality of bearing


1. Through the quality of the surface sensing bearing
In the process of selling bearings, I found a lot of customers saying that as long as the surface of the bearing is bright, it is of good quality, which is wrong. The bearing surface should be the kind of glossy black, glossy black for this reason is the production of bearing steel is used in compliance with its grinding process and the use of cutting fluid, and the two previous main.
2. Whether the chamfering is bright or not
The chamfering of the bearing does not determine the quality of the bearing, but it reflects the processing method of the bearing. The chamfer is black, which indicates that after quenching and heat treatment, the hardness of the bearing is increased. While some people think that the black angle is not good enough to be processed completely, which is a mistake.
3, The integral cage is better than the two body. Although the new process uses a integrated cage, it is only a material saving, and the difference between the rotation and other properties is less than that of the two body.
In general, the service life of the bearing is related to 3 factors, one is the quality of the bearing itself. The two is the use of the environment. The three is the installation method.