Several classification methods for rolling bearings


Tilting pad journal bearing can be adjusted according to their work, divided into:
1) Self-aligning bearing----the raceway is a spherical shape, which can adapt to the angular deviation and angular movement between the two raceway axis lines;
2) Non-aligning bearings (rigid bearings)----bearings that can offset the axial angle between the raceways.
Bearings are divided into:
1) Single row bearing----bearing with one row of rolling elements;
2) Double row bearings----bearings with two rows of rolling elements;
3) Multi-row bearings----bearings with more than two rows of rolling elements, such as three-row and four-row bearings.
(5) Bearings can be separated according to their components, and are divided into:
1) separable bearings---bearings with separable parts;
2) Non-separable bearings----bearings that cannot be freely separated after the final assembly.
(The bearing can be divided into various structural types according to its structural shape (if there is no filling groove, the shape of the inner and outer rings and the ferrule, the structure of the rib, or even the cage).