Mill bearing accuracy


Bearing accuracy: mainly based on the bearing parts of the rotation accuracy requirements and bearing life requirements to determine the level of bearing accuracy. The recommended accuracy levels refer to the following table:

Rolling mill bearing accuracy level increased, although the cost of a single set of bearings, but brought the following advantages:

(1) Reduce the internal stress of bearing parts, make the dimension of bearing parts stable, reduce the factor of part cracks, which is beneficial to the increase of bearing life.

(2) The roughness level of the working surface of the bearing is improved (the roughness peak decreases), which is beneficial to the formation and protection of the lubricating film of the bearing, so that the fatigue life of the bearing is remarkably improved.

(3) The roughness level of the mating surface of the bearing is improved, the bearing cooperates more reliably, the cooperation with the "creeping" is avoided and the bearing life is improved.

(4) High-speed better, reduce bearing fever, help to improve bearing life.

(5) Reduce the comprehensive bearing consumption, improve the mill operating rate.