Maintenance of bearings


Wipe the cleaned bearings with a dry rag and then soak in antirust oil. In this process, it is necessary to fully contact with the anti-rust oil bearing, and non-stop rotating bearings, so that anti-rust oil can form the oil film covering the bearing surface, to achieve the purpose of rust.

Followed by lithium grease, with butter, to be evenly coated on the bearing surface, including the inner and outer rings, wheels, cage. And is the edge of the bearing rotation, the butter really into the bearing internal, play a full lubrication.

First of all, the bearings into the gasoline cleaning, wipe residual sludge on the bearings and dust, rust bearings are all metallurgical sandpaper gently wipe polished until the touch without roughness so far.

The last process is packaging. In order to save costs, we "turning waste into treasure," the warehouse scrapped cement bags, cut into appropriate size bags, the bearing bag tight, wrapped, marked bearing specifications and placed back on the shelves.