Main failure rules of plain bearings


   (1)tile surface corrosion: spectral analysis found that non-ferrous metal concentration anomalies; iron spectrum appeared in many non-ferrous metal components of sub micron wear particles; lubricating oil moisture exceeded, acid value exceeded.
   (2) the surface corrosion of the shaft neck: the spectral analysis shows that the concentration of iron is abnormal. There are many submicron particles of iron in the iron spectrum, and the water content of lubricating oil is over standard or acid value exceeds standard.
   (3) the surface of the journal is pulled out: there is an iron cutting abrasive or black oxide particle in the iron spectrum, and the metal surface has a temper color.
   (4) fretting wear of the back of the pan: the spectral analysis revealed that the iron concentration was abnormal. There were many ferrous components in the iron spectrum, submicron wear particles, and abnormal water and acid value in the lubricating oil.
   (5) bearing surface strain: iron spectrum found in the cutting abrasive particles, abrasive particles for non-ferrous metals.
   (6) tile spalling: many large scale fatigue spalling alloys, wear particles, layered abrasive grains are found in the iron spectrum.
   (7) bearing burn tile: there are many large size alloy abrasive grains and ferrous metal oxide in the iron spectrum.