Judging the bearing clearance of rolling mill


Bearing clearance: Whether the bearing can work normally Bearing clearance is an important technical parameter, which directly affects the bearing load distribution, friction, temperature rise, service life and so on. Due to the harsh working conditions of the rolling mill bearings, the rolling load, the rotational speed, the lubrication, the temperature rise, the interference with the interference, the rotation accuracy, etc. should be considered. The principle is that the bearing clearance is smaller as the working conditions permit. It is beneficial to improve the service life of rolling mill bearings.
In the use of the rolling bearing, the bearing clearance can be judged according to the condition of the bearing damage.

(1) If the bearing is burnt, if the bearing is not overheated due to "roller climbing", related parts and poor lubrication, it can be considered that the working clearance of the rolling mill bearing is too small;

(2), Tilting pad journal bearing ring and roller fragmentation, if it is not the raw material, bearing quality, excessive impact load and poor installation, it can be considered that the rolling mill bearing working clearance is too large, so that the bearing load wrap angle is too small ( The ideal load wrap angle should be 120°~150°)
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