Is the radial clearance of the bearing as small as possible?


   Not all INA bearings require the smallest working clearance, you must choose the appropriate clearance according to the conditions. In the national standard 4604-93, the radial clearance of the rolling bearing is divided into five groups - 2 groups, 0 group, 3 groups, 4 groups and 5 groups. The clearance value is from small to large, and the group 0 is the standard clearance. The basic radial clearance group is suitable for general operating conditions, conventional temperature and commonly used interference fit; in high temperature, high speed, low noise, low friction and other special conditions to work under the rolling bearing should use large radial clearance; Precision spindle, machine tool spindle bearings should use a smaller radial clearance; for roller bearings can maintain a small amount of work clearance. In addition, the separation of the bearings do not matter the clearance; Finally, the bearing installed after the work of the clearance, than the original clearance before the installation of small, because the bearings to bear a certain load rotation, as well as INA bearing with the load generated The amount of elastic deformation.
After the installation of the bearing, in order to check whether the installation is correct, to check the operation. Small machinery can be rotated by hand to confirm smooth rotation. Check the project due to foreign body, scars, indentation caused by poor operation, due to poor installation, poor installation of the resulting torque instability, due to the clearance is too small, installation error, sealing friction caused by excessive torque Wait. If there is no exception, you can start the power operation.
Power running, starting from the no-load low speed, slowly raised to the rated conditions of the rated operation. Check the operation of the test, whether there is abnormal sound, INA bearing temperature changes, lubricant leakage or discoloration and so on. If abnormal, should immediately stop running, check the machine, if necessary, to remove the bearing inspection.
The bearing temperature is generally based on the external temperature of the bearing housing. But the use of oil hole directly to measure the bearing outer ring temperature is more accurate. Rolling bearing temperature, from the beginning of the operation gradually increased, usually 1 to 2 hours after the temperature stability. If the bearing is not installed properly, the temperature will rise sharply, there is abnormal high temperature. The reasons such as excessive lubricant, INA bearing clearance is too small, poor installation, sealing device friction is too large and so on.
INA bearing the rotation of the sound with a stethoscope and other checks, a strong metal noise, abnormal sound, irregular sound and other instructions abnormal. The reasons for poor lubrication, shaft or bearing poor precision, bearing damage, foreign body intrusion and so on.