How to prevent bearing accidents


The basic precautionary measures to avoid multiple failures of the Tilting pad journal bearing, bearing bearings in the device, we need to record the type of equipment, device parts, operating conditions and around with. After the study, the types of bearing damage and the operating environment during the onset of the problem were summarized to prevent the recurrence of similar conditions. Accurately control the concentration of the cutting fluid. When the machine tool is shut down, flush the surface of the machine with cutting fluid, and open the machine guard to disperse the humid air in the working area of the machine tool.
In order to avoid the onset of electrical erosion, a waterproof glossy grease should be applied to the outer surface of the metal. In addition, the machine should be severely grounded. It is not enough to ground the electrical cabinet. To prevent the breeding and reproduction of bacteria, the cutting fluid should be regularly cleaned or changed, and the cutting chips should be cleaned in time, and soft water (purity water with low mineral content) should be used. ) Diluted cutting concentrate. Skf bearings in addition to excellent quality, but also belong to very fine parts, not only high-performance bearings, if used improperly in the process, not only fail to achieve the desired performance results, and it is easy to make bearing damage, everyone in the smooth aspects are certainly Once noticed.
To avoid the basic preventive measures for multiple bearing failures, use the device carefully and seriously do not allow strong punching, do not allow the vertical hitting the bearing, and do not allow the rolling element to transmit the pressure. Use appropriate and accurate device tools to make use of special tools as much as possible, and make every effort to prevent the use of cloth and staple fibers and the like. Keep the bearings and their surrounding environment clean as much as possible. Even if the invisible smile dust enters the bearing, it will increase the bearing wear, vibration and noise.