How to maintain stainless steel bearings


1. Maintenance: In order to enable stainless steel bearings to play its performance in the long-term work, we should pay attention to regular maintenance, can not be ignored is the regular inspection of the thrust washer. Through regular inspections, it is important to find faults early and timely to resolve faults, which is very important for its production efficiency and economy. Generally, attention should be paid to new bearings, packaging and storage, as long as the wrapping paper does not damage the quality of the bearings, it will always be guaranteed. The storage place should be away from direct sunlight and cold places, and disassembled for inspection when the bearings are maintained.

2. Cleaning and maintenance: in addition to regular maintenance and maintenance, bearings can not be ignored. General cleaning and maintenance are divided into rough washing and fine washing. When cleaning, it is to remove the grease and the object attached to it. If it is a bearing that rotates in the oil, it should be noted that it cannot be damaged by the rolling surface. During the cleaning process, the bearing should be slowly rotated and carefully inspected. The cleaning agent does not contain oil, water, diesel or kerosene. It is very strict with respect to disassembly and is more stringent in terms of the surrounding environment and its own cleanliness.