How to know bearing failure


The most common failures of bearings are failure failures, and different types of failures have different bearing effects. For common failures, they can be eliminated in time to restore the stable operation of the skf bearings. However, some serious failures may even cause the skf bearings to fail or the bearings to be scrapped.
It is actually very simple for an enterprise to avoid turbomachinery bearing failure failures. When using bearings, companies must configure professional personnel to conduct comprehensive inspections on bearings. In the case of unstable operating data in the bearing, etc., various types of failures that may occur can be discovered in time to achieve the purpose of prevention in advance. Grasping the skill of preventing bearings in advance can reduce the cost of using skf bearings by more than one-half of the enterprises, which is of great significance for companies to reduce the cost of using bearings.
As long as the bearing fails failure, the basic data will inevitably produce a wide range of changes. After using the skf bearing for a period of time, the specific dimensions and internal clearance of the bearing are measured. If the data gap is relatively large, it means that the bearing may have failed failure. At this point, the bearing needs to be tested through a professional instrument, and the fault will be handled and in the bud.
Due to the abrupt nature of many bearing failures, it is difficult to find them in time and investigate them. In this case, it is necessary for the enterprise to use the statistics of the operating data before and after the use of the bearings, and to find out that the data is abnormal and complete detailed inspections in a timely manner. Only by making efforts, can the company be able to avoid the threat of various failure failures and maintain the safe and stable operation of the bearings.
The rich experience helps to judge bearing failures. As long as the operating data of the bearing is analyzed based on experience, various potential failures of the bearing can be discovered in a timely manner to ensure that the production of the bearing is protected from bearing failure failure.