How are bearings installed and disassembled?


   When installing, do not directly hammer the bearing end face and the non force surface, should use the pressing block, the sleeve or other installation tools (Tooling) to make the bearing bear the force evenly, and do not transmit the power installation through the rolling body. If the mounting surface is coated with grease, the installation will be smoother. In case of larger interference, the bearings shall be put into mineral oil and heated to 80~90 degrees Celsius as soon as possible. The oil temperature shall be strictly controlled not exceeding 100 DEG C to prevent tempering effect, reduce hardness and affect dimensional restoration. In case of difficulty in disassembly, it is recommended that you use the removal tool to pull out the hot oil carefully on the inner ring. The heat will cause the inner ring of the rolling bearing to expand so that it will fall off easily.