Factors That Cause Motor Journal Bearing Malfunctions


Not many people know that due to abnormal motor bearing failure, 80 percent of the electronic motor needs to be rebuilt. Some failures are due to the real bearing fatigue. The use of the meaning of the Journal Bearing, but often the cause of the fault is precisely the maintenance of machines and bearings improperly. If the installation, use and maintenance of normal, the motor bearing life can be easily stretched more than 10 years. Check the following maintenance tips to ensure trouble-free bearing life.

The operating environment for motor bearings includes low humidity, non-polluting and non-fluctuating temperature damping. This environment will promote a perfect balance of the way the bearings work and last for a long time. In addition, regular lubrication can avoid all kinds of friction and wear. Therefore, it is important to maintain a good bearing operating environment. Although it is impossible to control moisture, it is necessary to try to manage moisture as much as possible. The whole process is about the condensation that tends to occur when the motor is turned off. One way to avoid this condensation is to use a rust inhibitor grease in the bearing assembly. And the other option is to rotate the idling motor shaft each time it is expected to condense.

Bearings are not only affected during operation, but also when the motor in the air when the vibration or vibration occurs, the main damage will occur. Therefore, if you want a longer service life, make sure that the motor does not cause major vibrations during idling.

As far as we know, motor bearings should normally be cleaned and fueled after 2000 hours of operation. If the user ignores this problem, the operation of the motor may be greatly affected, and even the motor will be destroyed. Now more and more people are aware of its importance. In addition, you also need to lubricate the motor bearings.