Estimation Method of Fatigue Life of NTN Bearing


   NTN bearing fatigue life estimation methods are two methods of calculation and testing.
   According to the provisions of the formula and calculation rules calculated NTN bearing fatigue life as the calculation of fatigue life, the calculated total rotation value of the inner ring or shaft rotation (when the outer ring or seat is fixed) when the total rotation value.
   According to the provisions of the standard test method rolling NTN bearing fatigue life test procedures), in the use of performance can meet the requirements of a method of the test machine, a number of NTN bearings sampling fatigue life test, from the test data processing Of the actual test life, that is, NTN bearings tested on behalf of the batch of NTN bearings fatigue test life.
   Rolling bearing fatigue life test is sufficient lubrication to maximize the suppression of rolling NTN bearing wear factors, the use of enhanced load and speed to highlight the NTN bearing fatigue factor of an enhanced fatigue life test method.
   NTN bearing fatigue life calculation method and fatigue life test are complementary, the results obtained by the two have sufficient correspondence.
   In fact, for each particular use of the case, have taken a sufficient number of NTN bearings for life testing to verify that the selected NTN bearing is appropriate, which in terms of economy, time and labor are very large, so NTN bearing life test method is only necessary or important to use, in the vast majority of cases, the use of standard life calculation method to estimate the NTN bearing life, have a sufficient degree of dependability.