Common way of bearing lubrication


Grease lubrication is the simplest and most environmentally friendly way to lubricate. Since the fat is easily deteriorated at the time of ultra-high speed operation, the dmh value is low, the bearing is only 80×104 when the steel ball is used, and the 110×104 (new dmh value) of the ceramic ball is produced by the FAG developed by FAG) Based on the increase of about 10%). Today, the most commonly used high speed spindle bearings are oil and gas lubrication methods. The oil and gas mixture is supplied to the bearings periodically and quantitatively to obtain optimum lubrication of the various parts of the Tilting pad journal bearing and the degree of contamination is reduced. For oil ball lubricated steel balls or ceramic ball angular contact ball bearings, the dmh values can generally reach 140×104 and 210×104, respectively. Using special oil and gas lubrication method, the ceramic ball angular contact ball bearing can achieve dmh value of more than 250×104. It is a special oil and gas lubrication method, and its dmh value reaches 280×104 test room.