Check the rolling bearing


Some lack of experience in the identification of rolling bearings, as long as the rolling bearings to see no obvious damage will continue to use, resulting in serious problems later. Someone just remove the rolling bearing, replace without inspection, and sometimes can continue to use the bearings are also replaced. The technical condition of the rolling bearing should be inspected on a special tester, but also some data can be measured with a dial indicator. However, for the average driver, when these conditions are not available, a rough inspection can be conducted empirically.
(1) observation method. With the naked eye observation of rolling bearings, internal and external raceway should not flaking traces and severe wear, and was a circular arc groove; all rolling surface should be no spots, cracks and peeling phenomenon; cage should not loose, no damage, not wear , But with the rolling body gap is not large.
(2) feel the law. Normal bearing inner and outer races and rolling body clearance of 0.005 to 0.010 mm. For those who have used a stage of rolling bearing, pinch the inner race with fingers to carry out axial shaking, there should be no obvious Kuang sound.
(3) Turn the law. Hold the bearing inner race with one hand and the outer race with the other hand. The bearings should be able to rotate flexibly, and should not feel radial sway.
Inspection, the above three methods should be combined experience in order to facilitate the technical state of rolling bearings to make the right judgments. For tapered roller bearings, should also observe the rolling body is located in the middle of the outer race, if forward, should not exceed 1.5 mm.