BHS Self-Lubricating Sliding Bearing


Buy Bearings direct from Your proven service leader with reliable delivery. Sliding bearing reduce friction and provide smooth sliding contact between surfaces due to their material, shape or lubrication.

As is known to us, the accurate maintenance of the sliding bearing is of great importance for the normal operation of the highway machinery. If the maintenance of the sliding bearing is satisfactory, its service life can be prolonged. In contrast, if the maintenance is not good, the service life will be seriously shortened and even the severe incident will happen. In the normal situation, the working temperature of the lubricating oil can not surpass 50 Celsius degrees. In addition, in order to ensure the abundant lubricating oil, the oil face should be inspected immediately and regularly. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the oil, it is advised to change the oil timely. What's more, according to specific situations the problems of the sliding bearing should be analyzed in detail and solved immediately.

Sliding bearing can represent both the hydrodynamic lubrication bearings requiring lubricants that automatically form the oil film in the space between shaft A and bearing B by way of rotating the shaft and the hydrostatic lubrication bearings requiring lubricants that elevates the rotating shaft by providing the pressurized lubricant from outside.

Besides, they can also represent both the self-lubricating bearings made of special material that requires no lubricants between shaft A and bearing B and the ones made of porous material to be soaked with lubricants. Now let us talk something about the self-lubricating sliding bearings.