Bearings in Daily Life


Have you ever wondered how cars and other cars run smoothly and quietly? These machines run smoothly with smaller machines called bearings. Bearings are important for the machines we use every day, because without them, we need to constantly replace broken machine parts because of friction and wear.

A bearing is a tool used to reduce friction in a machine. Friction is the force that moves against the sliding or rolling motion. The bearings bear the frictional forces set by the moving surfaces of the mechanical components.

Bearings are classified according to their mode of operation and the movements they allow. The two common types of motion are linear and rotational. Bearings that allow linear motion are called linear bearings. These bearings allow rectilinear motion. An example of rectilinear motion is the pull and push of a drawer. Rotational motion involves rotation and vibration in one direction, in which motion is only part of the loop. Therefore, the rotary bearings allow concentrated movement in the center, such as the wheels on the shaft.

Many applications use rotary bearings, such as machine shafts, axles, and clock components. The sleeve bearing is a simple cylinder, inserted between the wheel and axle, which is the most basic rotary bearing.

Bearing operation consists of six common principles. Plain bearings are usually referred to as bushings, journal bearings, sleeve bearings or plain bearings". Rolling bearings include ball bearings and roller bearings. The jewel bearing allows its load to be carried by the axle at the center of the shaft. Fluid bearings, on the other hand, allow their loads to be carried by liquids or gases. In magnetic bearings, the magnetic field carries loads. In a flexible bearing, motion is released by a curved load element.

Early sliding and rolling bearings were wood, but others tried to use other materials, such as ceramics and glass. Today, bearings are often produced by plastics such as nylon and POM and other metals such as steel and bronze.