Bearing wear problems


   Wear as the most common bearing the problem, the bearing wear phenomenon also occurs frequently.
   Repair method
   The traditional method is generally used to repair the welding after welding, and surfacing will make the parts surface to a high temperature, resulting in deformation or crack parts, through machining to obtain the size of the downtime caused by a significant extension. And the use of polymer composite materials for on-site repair, neither heat, repair the thickness is not restricted, the product has a wear resistance and metal materials do not have the concession, to ensure that 100% of the repair parts of the contact with the reduction of equipment The impact of vibration, to avoid the possibility of wear and tear. Site repair, to avoid machining methods.
Repair process
   Generally only four steps:
1. Surface treatment, will need to repair the bearing surface in addition to oil, in addition to moisture;
2. Harmonic repair materials;
3. Smear the material, the material evenly applied to the bearing seat repair site, filled with strong;
4. Wait for the material to cure and may be heated to the surface of the material to accelerate the material to cure.
The general bearing chamber wear can be repaired in 3-6 hours to complete, easy to learn, without special equipment and specialized training, compared to laser welding, cold welding and other technology save time and effort, the cost is only general repair costs 1 / 5- 1/10, on-site repair is to reduce the equipment maintenance time and transportation costs.