Bearing selection basic requirements and use of the judgment


The basic requirements of the tilting pad thrust bearing selection and the use of the judgment, the bearing in the machinery is mainly to support and reduce the friction effect, so the bearing accuracy, noise, etc. are directly related to the use of machinery and life. The type of bearing is usually selected by the user's technical personnel according to the operating conditions of the supporting product and the load. The business operator first understands whether the actual load of the user is consistent with the selected bearing. If the bearing fails to meet the application request, the customer should be advocated as soon as possible but unless the special product is usually not questionable in the selection type.
Users usually only pay attention to the type and grade of the bearing when purchasing the bearing, and rarely ask for the clearance of the bearing. Business personnel need to clarify the operating conditions of the bearing, the rotational speed of the bearing, the temperature, and the cooperation with the public service. The choice of bearing clearance. Motors that rotate at speeds below 3,500 rpm usually use CM clearances, such as high-temperature, high-speed motors that require relatively large clearances. The skf bearing clearance will be reduced due to the increase of the inner hole and the reduction of the outer circle after installation, and the amount of clearance reduction = the amount of interference × 60%. For example, the clearance before installation of the bearing is 0.01mm, and the amount of interference during installation is 0.01mm, then the clearance after installation of the bearing is 0.004mm. In theory, the noise and life of the bearing in the zero clearance reach the best conditions, but in practical work, taking into account the temperature rise and other questions, the bearing clearance after installation is 0.002mm-0.004mm better.
The basic requirements of the bearing selection and the use of the judgment, the choice of grease is usually based on the bearing speed, temperature conditions, noise requests and starting torque and other aspects of the selection, ask the business staff to understand the function of various oils. The smoothness of imported bearings can be divided into smooth and smooth grease. Oil smooth bearings are usually the choice of bearings, grease bearings are usually selected dust cover or rubber seals. The dust cover is suitable for high temperature or good working environment. The seals are classified into two types, touch-type and non-touch-type. The touch-type seal and dust-proof function is good, but the starting torque is large, and the non-connected sealing starting torque is small, but the sealing function is No touch is good.