Bearing safety precautions


   Bearings used to ensure the safety of the inspection, check the vibration amplitude and sound, temperature, lubricant (color and viscosity are changed, whether there is foreign body), remember that the amount of lubricant, we must be moderate, more waste, Less can not play its due role in the use of the process, do not exceed the limit speed, as a result of overheating or burns and damage, if the working temperature exceeds 100 degrees, then the oil should be replaced every year about 2-3 times in the transport process , Large and heavy bearings must be transported by forklift or crane, one, can protect the bearings, two, can prevent the crew hurt, do not attempt to disassemble or modify the bearing, otherwise it may lead to bearing damage or equipment failure in advance, do not let the water , Metal or dust inside the bearing may cause damage. Also, before using the bearing, you must check the lubricant on the bearing. If there is no lubricant, it may damage the bearing due to overheating.
If the storage of bearings must have the following conditions: dry place, clean, dust-free, to prevent access to the bearings inside, cool place, do not let the sun direct her, there must be 30cm above the ground at the time when you install and remove the bearings , Be sure to use a dedicated tool. Before using these tools, please wipe the tool with a clean cloth to confirm whether there is a crack, burr, damage, peeling or deformation and so on.