Bearing peeling


   Damage state: Bearings and then bear the load rotation, the inner ring, the outer ring raceway or rolling surface due to rolling fatigue and showing the phenomenon of fish scale peeling.
   Cause: The load is too large. Poor installation (non - linear) moment load intrusion, water. Poor lubrication, improper lubricant  bearings clearance is not appropriate.  bearing box accuracy is not good, bearing box rigidity uneven deflection of the large rust, erosion, abrasion and indentation (surface deformation phenomenon) caused by the development.
   Measures: Check the size of the load and re-study the use of  bearings to improve the installation method to improve the sealing device, anti-rust when stopping. Use the appropriate viscosity of the lubricant to improve the lubrication method. Check the shaft and  bearing box accuracy. Check the clearance.