The use of high-quality bearing material bearings make the strength of the parts match


Due to the presence of non-metallic inclusions, especially oxide inclusions, resulting in weaknesses of the bearing material strength, causing stress concentration, bearing fatigue damage early. Therefore, the vacuum degassing or ESR bearing steel, although the bearing unit price is high, but less damage to the bearing, rolling mill operating rate increased, the overall cost should be reduced.

In ensuring the strength of the bearing box (that is, the mill bearing a good rigid support), try to choose the load capacity of the mill bearings. In addition, it should be based on the application conditions to optimize the design of rolling mill parts size of the bearings to ensure that the strength of the mill bearing the same, so that the bearing life to maximize. For example, the bearing box wear large deformation, bearing the outer ring more fragmented site, you can reduce the thickness of the bearing outer wall thickness roller diameter and enhance the outer ring strength, in order to achieve the longest bearing life.