Bearing overheating solution


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Bearings before the damage, there will be some symptoms, such as very hot, when the bearing overheating, it should attract attention, and must not be taken to avoid unnecessary losses!
The main reasons for bearing overheating are:
(1) Bearing has been damaged, lost the ability to work properly, so should be replaced immediately.
(2) Bearing grease too little, too much or iron and other impurities, which requires regular inspection, timely judgment, the shaft grease capacity should not exceed 70% of the total volume of impurities bearing should be replaced.
(3) Shaft and bearing with too tight or too loose, this is the time of installation, too tight should be re-grinding, too loose when the shaft should be set, so the installation should pay attention to this point.
(4) Bearings and end caps with too tight or too loose. Too tight when the processing chamber, too loose in the end cover set steel sleeve, which requires careful examination, the need for professional judgment.
(5) Incorrect assembly of both end caps or bearing caps of the motor by inserting end cap or bearing cap stop, leveling, tightening the screw, or replacing a new one.
(6) The belt is too tight or poor coupling assembly, which requires adjusting the belt tension, the correct coupling, we must accurately adjust the installation.