Bearing maintenance and judgment


   In order to determine whether the demolition of the deep groove ball bearings can be reused, to clean the bearing after the inspection, carefully check the raceway surface, rolling surface, with the surface of the state, the wear of the cage, deep groove ball bearing clearance increase And whether or not there is damage to the dimensional accuracy of the damage, abnormal. Non-separable ball bearing, then use one hand to support the inner ring level, rotating the outer ring to confirm whether the smooth. Deep groove ball bearings and other separable bearings, the rolling body, the outer ring raceway surface were checked. Large bearings can not be rotated by hand, pay attention to check the rolling body, raceway, cage, retaining side and other appearance, the higher the importance of bearing the need to carefully check.
   Whether to re-use the judge, is to consider the degree of bearing damage, mechanical properties, importance, operating conditions, to the next maintenance period and decide. However, if the following defects can not be used, you must replace the new deep groove ball bearings:
(a) any inner ring, outer ring, rolling body, any one of the cage on the crack or gap;
(b) rings, rolling on any one of the broken;
(c) raceway surface, ribs, rolling body has a significant card injury;
(d) significant wear on the cage, or significant rivetening;
(e) raceway surface, rolling body rust, injury;
(f) raceway surface, the rolling body has a serious indentation and marks;
(g) the inner diameter of the inner or outer diameter of the outer ring has obvious creep;
(h) discoloration due to heat;
(i) Damage to bearings, seals or dust caps filled with grease is evident.