Bearing lubrication skills


   First, the bearing dripping oil lubrication method
   Drip lubrication suitable for the need to quantify the supply of lubricating oil bearing parts, the amount of oil per drop every 3-8 seconds is appropriate, too much oil will cause the bearing temperature increases.
   Second, the cam gear oil bath lubrication method
   Oil bath lubrication is the most common camshaft lubrication, suitable for low, medium speed bearing lubrication. The bearing is partially immersed in the tank, the lubricating oil is brought up by the rotating bearing part, and then the oil flow back to the oil sump should be slightly lower than the center of the minimum rolling element.
   Third, the bearing of the radiation lubrication
   The oil pump will be low-pressure oil through the nozzle shot into the bearing, the oil into the bearing through the other end of the oil into the tank. In the high-speed rotation of the bearing, the rolling body and the cage is also a high degree of rotation speed to make the surrounding air caused by air flow, with a smooth way to difficult to transfer lubricants to the bearing, then the need for low-pressure radiation will be smooth oil spray To the bearing, the position of the nozzle should be placed between the inner ring and the center of the holder.
   Fourth, the bearing cycle lubrication method
   Use the oil pump to filter the oil to the cam bearing parts, through the bearing after the oil and then filter the use of cooling. Because the circulating oil can take away the positive heat, so that the bearing cooling, so the law for high speed bearing parts.
   Fifth, the bearing spray lubrication method
   With boring shrink air through the sprayer and smooth oil mixed with oil mist, radiation bearings, air flow can effectively cool down the bearings and to avoid impurity invasion. This method is suitable for high-speed, low-temperature bearing parts smooth.
   Although the bearing raceway noise is unavoidable, but can take high-precision machining parts of the working surface, the correct use of bearings and the use of precision bearings to noise reduction.

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