Bearing easy to damage the reasons


   First, poor lubrication (about 50%)
   According to the survey, poor lubrication is one of the main causes of premature bearing damage. The main reasons include: improper selection of lubricants or lubricants, not timely filling lubricants or lubricants; lubricants or lubricants are not filled in place and so on.
   Recommendation: Select the correct lubricant or lubricant, use the correct lubrication filling method, regular bearing maintenance.
   Second, improper installation (about 16%)
   1, the installation of brute force, with a hammer directly hit the bearing on the bearing damage is the biggest cause of deformation of the main reasons.
   2, the installation is not in place, installed with no deviation or installed in the bearing position, resulting in bearing clearance is too small. Inner and outer ring is not in the same rotation center, resulting in different heart.
   Recommendation: Select the appropriate or professional  bearing installation tool, the installation is complete with a special instrument to detect.
   Third, fatigue (about 34%)
   Common causes of fatigue damage may be: long-term overload operation of bearings; not timely maintenance, or improper maintenance; equipment aging.
   Fourth, pollution (about 14%)
   Pollution will lead to premature bearing damage, pollution is dust, metal chips into the bearing inside. The main reasons include: open before the use of bearing packaging, resulting in pollution; installation of the working environment is not clean, causing pollution;  bearings into the internal impurities, can not work properly.