Bearing clearance adjustment


Bearings in the high-speed rotation, especially the speed close to or exceed the limit table speed limit, the main should note the following:
(1) the use of precision bearings
(2) Analysis of bearing internal clearance (consider the temperature rise of the bearing internal clearance reduction)
(3) Analysis of cage material type (for high-speed rotation, suitable for use of copper alloy or phenolic resin cut cage. Also suitable for high-speed rotation of the synthetic resin molding cage)
(4) Analysis of lubrication (using a suitable high-speed rotating circulation lubrication, jet lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil lubrication and other lubrication methods)
The axial internal clearance of the bearing can be achieved by moving the axial position of the outer ring.
1. adjustment pad method:

Place a set of soft material (mild steel or elastic paper) gaskets between the end caps of the bearings and the end faces of the bearing housings. When adjusting, fasten the washers Screw, hand rotating the shaft until the contact of the rolling element and the outer ring and the shaft without any gap; measure the gap between the end cap of the bearing and the end surface of the bearing block, and add the shaft required by the bearing during normal operation To the gap; this is the total thickness required to fill the gasket, and then place the prepared gasket between the bearing cap and the end face of the bearing housing, and finally tighten the screw.

2. adjustment bolt method:

Press the pressure ring on the bearing outer ring, with the adjustment bolt pressure; in the pressure adjustment, the first measure the pitch of the adjustment bolt, and then tighten the adjustment bolt slowly until there is no gap within the bearing, and then calculate the adjustment For example, the pitch is 1,5mm, the required clearance for the normal operation of the bearing, then adjust the bolt required for the rotation angle of 3600 × 0,15 / l, 5 = 360; then adjust the bolt reversed 360, Bearings get 0,5mm axial clearance, and then use the stop washer to be fixed.