Bearing bearing ring damage deformation maintenance measures


The maintenance and repair measures of radial journal bearing ring damage and deformation, the waviness of the component in the case of close fit between the bearing ring and the bearing seat or transmission shaft, the bearing ring may be deformed in accordance with the shape of the adjacent parts. If deformation occurs, vibration may occur during operation. Therefore, it is important to machine the bearing housing and driveshaft to the required tolerances. Local damage Due to handling or installation errors, a small part of the bearing raceways and rolling elements may be damaged.
In operation, rolling over damaged bearing components generates a specific vibration frequency. Vibration frequency analysis identifies damaged bearing components. Vibration behavior in applications In many applications, the stiffness of the bearing is the same as the stiffness of the surrounding structure. Due to this feature, it is possible to reduce the vibration in the application as long as the correct selection of the bearing (including the preload and play) and its configuration in the application.
Oil bath lubrication is a common method of lubrication in bearings and is suitable for lubrication of low and medium speed bearings. A part of the bearing is immersed in the groove, the lubricating oil is taken up by the rotating bearing part, and then the oil surface flowing back to the oil groove should be slightly lower than the center of the lowest rolling element. Dripping oil lubrication is suitable for bearing parts that require quantitative oil supply. The drip amount is usually one drop every 3-8 seconds. Excessive oil volume will cause the bearing temperature to increase.
Bearing bearing ring damage deformation maintenance measures, use the oil pump to filter the oil delivered to the bearing components, through the bearing after the lubricating oil filtration and cooling after use. Since the circulating oil can take a certain amount of heat to cool the bearing, this method is suitable for bearing components with higher rotational speed. The dry compressed air is mixed with the lubricating oil through the sprayer to form an oil mist, which is injected into the skf bearing. The airflow can effectively cool the bearing and prevent the intrusion of impurities. This method is suitable for the lubrication of high-speed, high-temperature bearing components.