Bear in mind the use of the process of bearing matters


In addition to excellent quality imported bearings, but also belong to a very sophisticated parts, both high-performance imported bearings, if used improperly in the process, not only failed to achieve the desired performance results, and it is easy to make imported bearings damaged in lubrication Everyone must have been aware. In addition to lubrication, the use of imported bearings in the process, there are those areas need to pay attention to it today to discuss with you one piece.

First, the use of installation should be carefully and carefully
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Strong punching is not allowed, percussion bearings are not permitted, no pressure is transmitted through the rolling elements.

Second, the use of appropriate and accurate installation tools
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Try to use special tools, try to avoid the use of cloth and staple fiber and the like.

Third, try to keep imported bearings and the surrounding environment clean
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Even if the naked invisible smile dust into the bearings, will increase the bearing wear, vibration and noise.

Fourth, to prevent the corrosion of imported bearings
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Take the bearings directly with your hand, you should fully wash away the hands of sweat, and coated with high-quality mineral oil and then operate in the rainy season and summer, with particular attention to rust.

In some special operating conditions, imported bearings can get longer than the traditional calculation of life expectancy, especially at light loads. These special operating conditions are when the rolling surfaces (rails and rolling elements) are effectively separated by a lubricant film and the surface damage that can be caused by the contaminants is limited. In fact, in the ideal conditions, the so-called permanent bearing life is possible.